Removing Christmas Tree Sap

Removing Christmas Tree Sap, The Carpet Shop at the Mews, Southport

Everyone loves a real Christmas tree, right? 🎄

Well, not everyone! Some prefer an artificial tree because real ones are just too messy. For those that do enjoy the look and smell of having a real Christmas tree in their home, read on…

Aside from dropped needles that can make a bit of a mess, real Christmas trees also have something else to offer. Sticky tree sap, which can leave a real mess on your carpet, if left unattended.

Removing sap from your carpet is kind of like removing gum. There are a few ways to handle it. One of the easiest is to harden it, then chip it off.

Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer: These will help to dry the sap and eventually break it off. Soak a small cloth or paper towel in the alcohol, then blot at the sap stain gently. Don’t rub or you’ll make the problem worse! Repeat as needed. Allow it to dry, then pick the sap up off of the fibers.

Ice: Ice works in the same way that it would work on gum. It’s not the best method to harden the sap, as it takes longer and, of course, it melts! Place the ice on the affected areas and allow the sap to harden, then pick the sap out of the fibers.

Whenever you clean a stain on a carpet, rug, or upholstery, always use a clean white cloth, to avoid transferring any colour from the cloth to the area being cleaned.

If in doubt, consult a professional carpet cleaner.

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